Hair Extensions in Paris

Growing long hair naturally is hard to do.  That is why, in recent years, hair extensions have become the height of fashion in Paris.  Hair extensions provide a natural way to create volume or thickness instantly.

There is a selection of Paris Hair Extension salons in the French capital, however the reputation of Tatiana Hair Extensions in London has far transcended the boundaries of the United Kingdom. Clients travel from as far as North America and the Gulf States to Tatiana Hair Extension’s London salon as they offer a quality service to its customers that cannot be matched!

London to Paris for Hair Extensions

If you're planning on a trip to London, did you know that round-trip tickets from Paris to London on the Eurostar can now be bought in advance for less than €100.  The Eurostar journey to London takes about 2h15.  By plane, it's even faster: a 1h15 journey, with tickets for the can be negotiated from €40.  If you choose the flight option, you can choose between a taxi or the train to the salon.

Once there a visit to Westfield is highly recommended.  Boasting as the biggest shopping centre in Europe it is only 15 minutes by taxi from the salon.  With a distinctive mix and match of designer and high street label in over 300 shops this is an ideal way to spend the time between your consultation and same day fitting. 

For those wanted to spend more than a day in London Tatiana Hair Extensions has negotiated unbeatable rates on overnight stays at the Seraphine Hotel, ideally situated off High Street Kensington, but also with the Movida, the most famous and exclusive club in London.  We also recommend a visit to Juju, a new cocktail bar that is already the undisputed spotlight of Chelsea!

Everything has been designed to offer you a relaxing stay in London, with a focus on beauty and quality ... and you will return to Paris revamped and refreshed!

If your time is in short supply and you are only in London for the day Tatiana and her team guarantee a consultation and same day fitting while allowing you to personally select the ponytails that are right for you.

For more information, please visit Tatiana Hair extensions London website

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Micro Rings

Micro Ring Hair Extensions combine flexible strands of natural hair with the hair extensions and are suitable for all hair types.  The micro-ring extensions, designed by Tatiana last between three and four months before needing to be removed and relocated or simply tightened.

Clip-in Hair Extension

Hair extensions that clip securely into the hair, leaving the hair slightly rigid and thus making it easy to style.  Clip-in extensions are easy to install and also less expensive than micro-ring hair extensions.  One of the benefits of using Tatiana's service is in the large stock of hair she has collected!  Direct from Russia, her homeland, they are of the highest quality, with a large range of colours to choose from.